Inventive Player Brings Hyrule to ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW HORIZONS

Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons arrived on the Nintendo Switch last month, we’ve been blown away by all the incredible creations that people have used their skills to make their island paradises unique. Recently, Kotaku brought a particularly magical and ambitious project to our attention and now we’re completely obsessed. An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player, VaynMaanen has recreated A Link to the Past’s version of Hyrule and it is honestly incredible.

The gameXplain video above features an awesomely in-depth tour of the island, which has been extensively terraformed and sculpted to feel like the version of Hyrule that features in the classic 1991 game, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. This is a totally magical use of the skills and dedication that you acquire after playing enough Animal Crossing: New Horizons and it’s also a lovely merging of two of Nintendo’s biggest hits.

Hyrule Comes to ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW HORIZONS Thanks and Inventive Player_1


Some of the iconic spots that are recreated in this incredible Zelda homage are the bustling Kakariko Village, the foggy and haunting Lost Woods, the iconic Hyrule Castle (Museum), the fearsome peaks of Death Mountain/Waterfall of Wishing, the mystical Eastern Palace, the spooky Haunted Grove, the treacherous Great Swamp, the magical Lake Hylia, the… mysterious Desert of Mystery, and of course, the cute haven of Link’s House.

Hyrule Comes to ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW HORIZONS Thanks and Inventive Player_2

We’re totally blown away by this awesome endeavor which has brought together two of our favorite games whilst showcasing just how much is possible if you really commit to making your island the best it could possibly be. Now we’re inspired to make something really special on our own tropical paradises, maybe a Donkey Kong inspired Wumpa Island setting? How about an enchanting nod to Rayman with our very own Glade of Dreams? Or we could meld our love of horror and games together and try and craft our very own Raccoon City? So many ideas… so little time!

Header Image: Nintendo

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