Andy Samberg’s CakeDonalds Website is Real and Weird

Fans of The Lonely Island know there is no premise, gag, or sketch that is too ridiculous for the group. That was certainly the case when Andy Samberg joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show for a totally absurd, totally hilarious sketch. Samberg played a heckler with a Prince Valiant haircut who kept commenting during a performance of “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” performed by the song’s “original” artist, Peter. But while the skit was great, the “real” website it has launched is even better.

Yes, is real, and it’s spectacular.The bakery, which is only open for 15 minutes on Mondays, features a number of hysterical cakes on its menu, with equally silly pictures. That includes their “Marriage is Full of Surprises” cake, which features “a little portion of each meal we have for a week” that they “then hide little pockets” of throughout. That costs $2,200 dollars, a downright steal compared to their $100,000 “Silly Sal the Slammin’ Singing Salmon” seafood cake, whose description reads:
“This cakes is a singing fish! Don’t worry! It doesn’t taste like fish. We can make it any flavor you want! We use special technology to insert a speaker that sings happy birthday for your whole party. We’re sorry, but we don’t know how to shut the speaker off when it turns on so we hope it’s okay if it sings for you for, like, the whole party. It has a real good battery too that’s jammed in there pretty good so it’s hard to shut off. Sorry about that!”

The bakery, run by Miss Mary Cakedonald (“It’s an Irish name”) and her equally inept staff, even has its own jingle. But make sure you check out the whole site, because there are so many wonderful, silly, ridiculous jokes to uncover.Everything we love from  The Lonely Island.

Featured Image: NBC

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