AMERICAN HORROR STORY Renewed for 3 More Seasons

Fans of American Horror Story, we’ve got great news for you, coming from a report over at Deadline. Your favorite supernatural anthology series isn’t going anywhere for quite awhile. FX Networks has announced at the TCA Winter Tour that they have renewed AHS for an additional three seasons. That’s in addition to the already announced 10th season, which is set to hit sometime in the fall of this year. That will bring the series to a total of 13 seasons overall, which would be the perfect number for this creepy series to end on, wouldn’t you say?

The logo for American Horror Story, as it appeared in the original 2011 season.

FX Networks

So what can fans expect from four more seasons of AHS? Every season since the first has tackled a different horror sub-genre, but through the filter of classic Americana. We’ve seen the classic haunted manor (Murder House), witches ( Coven), creepy carnivals (Freak Show), and most recently, slasher flicks in AHS: 1984. So what’s left? Series creator Ryan Murphy has hinted at a sci-fi horror vibe like Alien or Event Horizon for a potential future season by taking the action into space, but doesn’t know how to keep that in line with the “American” part of the equation. AHS:NASA anyone?

Key art for AHS Hotel, Asylum, and Cult.

FX Networks

For the most part, AHS has stayed away from the classic monsters, so those could still be on the table. We’ve seen a sort of Frankenstein in Coven with Evan Peter’s character in that season, and Lady Gaga’s Countess was basically a vampire in the season five Hotel iteration. But also kind of not a traditional vampire. Werewolves is something that AHS has yet to cover, so that’s one option for a potential season. A season devoted to paranormal investigators like the Warrens from the Conjuring franchise is also something they could potentially put their own spin on as well.

Sarah Paulson played several roles in her last season of AHS, which was 2018's crossover season Apocalypse.

FX Networks

It will also be interesting to see which of the original cast mainstays will continue to appear on the show going forward. For a long time, Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson were the show’s MVPs, starring in every season from Murder House in 2011 to Apocalypse in 2018. but neither of them appeared on AHS: 1984, choosing to sit that one out. Paulson continues to work with Ryan Murphy on other series, and has confirmed to The Wrap she will be a central character again in season 10. Actors like Cody Fern and Billie Lourd have started to become the new AHS headliners over the past couple of seasons, so we expect those folks to probably return.

Evan Peters and Jessica Lange, who began it all with AHS: Murder House.

FX Networks

Another big question that remains for AHS fans is whether or not we’re going to get another crossover season like Apocalypse. Murphy and series co-creator Brad Falchuk have hinted another crossover season might be in the pipeline, but didn’t say which seasons of the show are the ones that would be crossing over. Even seasons that have been seemingly disconnected from the others have still found ways to drop small hints that it’s all part of a larger story, like when AHS: 1984 casually mentioned the Briarcliff Asylum which was the main location of season two.

All we know is that we want at least one more Jessica Lange appearance before it’s all said and done. Longtime AHS fans deserve that bit of fan service. Make it happen, Ryan Murphy! It started with Jessica, it should end with her too!

Featured Image: FX Networks

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