It’s sort of incredible to think about how far The Conjuring universe has come in such a short time. There are currently seven released films, with at least three more in various stages of production, all based on the world of the Warren family established in 2013’s The Conjuring. Ed and Lorraine Warren—played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in the films—were a real-life couple, famous for their paranormal adventures. Though their validity has been the subject of questioning for decades, their legacy remains in tact thanks to these films. And though the couple hasn’t appeared in every one of the movies in the franchise, they’re back for Annabelle Comes Home, the third film in the Annabelle spinoff series.

In this episode of Nerdist News Edition, our own Clarke Wolfe sat down with the cast of Annabelle Comes Home to chat about the famously creepy doll, the Warrens, and how this new film sets the stage for The Conjuring 3, due out in 2020.

Clarke spoke to Wilson and Farmiga about where Annabelle Comes Home fits into the conjuring universe, and also spoke to producer James Wan, who kickstarted the franchise back in 2013, about one of the fun appearances in the film: that of a werewolf, which is based on a “real” case where the Warrens investigated, you guessed it, a man possessed by the spirit of a werewolf. “When we were looking for different artifacts to pull out, I made it very clear very early on that I felt like we needed to touch on Ed and Lorraine’s werewolf story, and we felt that this was maybe the best film to do it with,” Wan said.

Additionally, the cast joked about Patrick Wilson’s lack of singing in this film, which is disappointing given his memorable rendition of “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” in The Conjuring 2. “He only sings in The Conjuring movies,” Farmiga teased. If that’s not a reason to stay tuned for The Conjuring 3, we don’t know what is!

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures

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