New TWIN PEAKS Posters, AMERICAN GODS Premiere Date, and New SENSE8 Images

Let’s wrap up the week on a positive note, shall we? We have a premiere date and key art for American Gods! Bless you, Starz. Today’s TV-Cap also features as a poster for the Castlevania animated series coming to Netflix, images from season two of Sense8, brand new Twin Peaks posters for the revival, and more. 24th, 11:30 a.m. In honor of Twin Peaks Day, the fan-revered holiday that marks the first day Kyle MacLachlan’s Agent Dale Cooper first came to that fateful town, Showtime has released two posters for David Lynch’s revival of the cult series. The key art depicts an older Cooper, haunted by Laura Palmer’s iconic homecoming queen portrait. The new Twin Peaks doesn’t premiere until May 28, but until then we’ve got you covered with everything we know about the revival so far!

Time for a Road Trip. Get ready to travel the United States with Mr. Wednesday, Shadow Moon, and all sorts of wacky characters/gods, because Starz’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is coming to your TV on April 30. It’s not close enough for my tastes, but it’s not too far away. You can use the premiere date information to plan your reread. Keep the above key art in your head while you flip the pages. [ Nerdist, Image: Starz]

Pilot Time. Quick FYI for those of you who are Lauren Graham fans: she’s landed the lead role in a pilot for Fox, a comedy titled Linda From HR. [ The Hollywood Reporter]

A Different Lead. If you’re keeping tabs on the progress of Mayans MC, you should know the FX series has found its lead. The Sons of Anarchy spinoff has cast JD Pardo as Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes. EZ’s father will be portrayed by Edward James Olmos. [ IGN]

Boom. Netflix’s animated series take on Castlevania is coming in 2017, and we already have a poster thanks to executive producer Adi Shankar. He shared the image on Facebook, and the art depicts a very ominous looking Dracula’s Castle. Ooh. Ahh. It’s sufficiently creepy, no? [ CBR, Image: Netflix/Adi Shankar]

More from Archie. Riverdale has made an impression. Not that it’s a scientific measurement of success, but I see a lot of positive buzz about the series on social media on Thursday nights. So what if The CW wanted to turn more Archie Comics stories into shows? Benjamin has five suggestions, and you can read them here at Nerdist.

Get Connected. Season one of Netflix’s Sense8 showed you how to see the world through new eyes, and it will continue to illustrate how we’re all connected (sort of) in season two. The show returns on May 5, and the group of Sensates is on the run for the Whispers. Netflix has released brand new images for the season. See a couple above and scroll down to the gallery below to view all of them. [Images: Netflix]

Teases in Seconds. Okay, I’ll be the first to admit the seconds long teases for The Vampire Diaries series finale are a little silly, but I’m still watching them. This one teases Elena and Damon’s reunion. I mean, look at the surprised expression on Damon’s face. Oh boy. [ TVLine]

Scheduling Note. Showtime’s revival of Twin Peaks is slated to premiere at SXSW in March. Actually, Showtime’s doing a whole two-day immersive Twin Peaks event featuring performers such as Neko Case and Real Estate. The lineup will also include a special appearance by Kyle MacLachlan. Get all the details at Deadline.

Trippy Tunes. Are your ears in dire need of the soundtrack for Legion? The tunes for the FX series are composed by Jeff Russo, and they’re trippy in the most beautiful way. The soundtrack is dropping digitally today, February 24, and you can check out a preview above. [ Nerdist]

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Calendar Management. If you’re a fan of Timothy Olyphant and feel concerned about whether more Santa Clarita Diet would affect whether that  Deadwood movie will ever happen, the above video will answer your question. [ Nerdist]

To the Past! Let’s bullet point some recaps from Thursday night TV:

And from the wayback machine, we have new installments of Game of Thrones Re-Throned and Batman Reanimated.

Have you played any of the Castlevania games? What’s your take on the animated series? Tell me in the comments.

Featured Image: Starz

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