American Forests and TAZO Tea Team Up for Green Tree Initiative

The relationship between trees and humans is vital. We literally depend on each other for oxygen and carbon dioxide to survive and thrive. But deforestation and an unequitable amount of greenery in higher income neighborhoods versus lower income communities means everyone isn’t getting access to the benefits of having trees nearby. They help purify the air, assist with flood prevention, and bring beauty to any space. Non-profit organization American Forests and TAZO Tea are teaming up to change this with TAZO Tree Corps; the initiative will bring trees to underserved neighborhoods.

TAZO Tree Corps, which we learned about via Good News Network, will use a paid local workforce to plant and maintain trees in select cities. TAZO Tree Corps will get to work in Minneapolis, Detroit, Richmond, and the Bronx in Spring 2021. This is a big win for those who gain employment with TAZO Tree Corps; they get a boost in current income and learn new skills to help them in the future.

a photo of green trees surrounding a city with a cloudy sunset sky


Employees can possibly go on to work for or even start their own landscaping business; this would lead to even more job creation and world beautification. TAZO Tea even has an ambassador—R&B artist SZA—to help get the word out about why green projects matter in urban neighborhoods.

American Forests CEO and President Jad Daley’s recent statement about this collaboration expresses his hope for a greener future. “We are building a national movement to ensure that every neighborhood can experience the healing power of trees while also helping create green jobs that benefit people in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities,” said Daley.

TAZO Tree Corps will presumably spread to more cities in the future. For now, anyone who wants to join the team can put in their application. In a world with a lot of destruction, it’s truly heartwarming to see a project promoting health, healing, and helping others.

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