Riz Ahmed Stars In Family-Focused Alien Thriller ENCOUNTER

Sci-fi thrillers and other suspenseful movies work at their best when monsters and terrors meet heart. Just think about the impact of a movie like The Mist. Sure, intensely creepy creatures from the beyond are great, but they hit hardest when we really care about the characters. And when they in turn, really care about the characters around them. Amazon Prime Video sets up exactly this kind of story in the trailer for its new movie Encounter. Encounter stars Riz Ahmed (who we know from a release plays Malik Khan), Octavia Spencer, and more.

Amazon Prime Video shares a description of the film with its trailer, saying:

A decorated Marine goes on a rescue mission to save his two young sons from an unhuman threat. As their journey takes them in increasingly dangerous directions, the boys will need to leave their childhoods behind.
Riz Ahmed and his sons in a still from the Encounter trailer - they are in the wilderness with sticks
Amazon Prime Video

Well, that sounds ominous. While the true danger comes from alien threats, the true core of the film looks like it will stem from Malik’s relationship with his children. Although going on the run can’t be an ideal situation, it will likely bring the family together. In the emotional conclusion of Encounter‘s trailer, Ahmed’s character recounts the story of The Three Musketeers. He says, “They could survive anything ’cause they stuck together. Now you’re telling me if we don’t stand by each other, we can’t get through anything?” Get those tissues ready.

Additionally, the platform shares in a release that Encounter “seamlessly combines elements of science fiction, psychological thriller, family drama, and police procedural into a riveting and thought-provoking road adventure. ”

Riz Ahmed stars in Encounter - he takes care of a wound in the bathroom
Amazon Prime Video

That’s a lot going on. But we feel the teaser does a good job balancing all these elements. And even though it seems at times pensive and ponderous, moments of pure action hit hard. It definitely looks like the aliens may get under Malik’s skin… The Mummy-style. Eeps.

Encounter releases in theaters December 3 and on Prime Video, December 10. We can’t wait to see all its varying pieces come together.

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