All the Magic, Brilliance, and Paper That Made ADVENTURE TIME

Though the beloved animated series Adventure Time sadly came to an end last year, there’s still more to discover from the  Land of Ooo. To celebrate Cartoon Network’s release of Adventure Time: The Complete Series special edition box-set, we’re sharing an exclusive , behind-the-scenes clip about this mathematical show.

In this first-look clip, the creators behind Adventure Time pull back the curtain on the storyboard process. Not only do we get to see actual storyboards from the show, but also “the room where it happens.”

One of the most interesting reveals from the clip is that “every single drawing in Adventure Time was drawn on a piece of paper.” With modern cartooning, many assume that everything is digital — but here we see the painstaking classic process that brought characters like Finn, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess, and B-Mo to life. In fact, alongside Regular Show, Adventure Time was one of the last shows at Cartoon Network that worked with paper. If you’re a cartoon/animation geek, this is a must-watch.

All the Magic, Brilliance, and Paper That Made ADVENTURE TIME_2

But this is just one of many special features that shows how much love and work went into the series. The 22-disc Adventure Time collection has all 238 episodes from 10 seasons, plus an all-new bonus disc with hours of behind-the-scenes content. But that’s not all – The Enchiridion packaging is actually an immersive 25-page storybook with pop-up characters and custom illustrations!

The full Adventure Time soundtrack is also available to stream and download on all major sites today, but if you want more physical media to go with your complete collection, you can pre-order a Mondo multi-format physical box set as well. This special edition includes 4 vinyl records, a CD, cassette, 17 extended tracks, 5 combined songs, and 21 exclusive song demos.

Sometimes life is scary and dark, but at least we have our friends to help us get through.

All the Magic, Brilliance, and Paper That Made ADVENTURE TIME_3

Images: Cartoon Network

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