Learn How to Make Iconic ADVENTURE TIME Snacks

Adventure Time is one of the foodiest cartoons in recent memory. First of all, a lot of the characters are food themselves, such as the entirety of the Candy Kingdom’s inhabitants. Secondly, Finn and Jake ate or otherwise encountered a lot of delicious things in their adventures, like royal tarts, a witch’s donut garden, and most famously, bacon pancakes. In a show that deserves constant evaluation, the food of Adventure Time is worth exploring, and that’s just what Andrew Rea has done in his special Binging with Babish episode honoring the food of the iconic show.

He, of course, makes bacon pancakes, which go about as simply as you’d expect: Create a pancake batter and go about making pancakes, making sure to throw some slabs on bacon on before the first flip. Beyond that, he also tackles Prismo’s homemade artisanal pickles, which is a more involved process. Rea makes some basic dill pickles, creating a brine, slicing some cucumbers lengthwise, and pickling them in a sous vide. Lastly, he makes Beemo’s sentient sandwich (minus the sentience), which, like the bacon pancakes, is straightforward: cheesy eggs, ketchup, and parsley between two slices of bread. If you’re wondering about the egregious omission of Jake’s perfect sandwich, fear not. It’s not in this video because Rea devoted a standalone episode to it last year:

Whew. That sandwich monstrosity can’t be ignored.

What Adventure Time food do you most want to try? Let your culinary imagination run wild and let us know in the comments below!

Featured image: Cartoon Network

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