ADVENTURE TIME Is Releasing a Soundtrack Album for Its Final Episode

For the past eight years, Adventure Time has been a defining cartoon of the decade (if not the defining cartoon) that has enchanted fans young and old, inspired other shows with similar art styles and sensibilities, and been a lot of fun for a long time. It is a good thing, and therefore, it must come to an end. That sad conclusion is happening on September 3, when the Adventure Time finale will air on Cartoon Network, and that will be the end of our time with Jake the dog and Finn the human. As part of the final hurrah, the show is releasing a soundtrack album for the last episode, “Come Along With Me.” There’s no audio from the release yet, but the tracklist reveals that it features guest appearances from Willow Smith (who also has a role in the finale), Bettie Ward, Niki Yang, Hynden Walch, Olivia Olsen, and more. There’s also a song from Rebecca Sugar, who worked on the show before going on to create Steven Universe. She actually performed “Time Adventure” during a Comic-Con panel this year, and it’s a melancholic, nostalgic, short-but-sweet tune that’s presumably about the strong bond between Finn and Jake. It’s definitely emotional, enough so as to make cast members visibly moved on stage during Sugar’s performance.

The soundtrack will be available for pre-order on September 1st ahead of its release on September 4th. A vinyl edition will also be available via Mondo. Watch Sugar perform “Time Adventure” above, and check out the album art and tracklist below.

ADVENTURE TIME Is Releasing a Soundtrack Album for Its Final Episode_2
Image: Mondo

“Come Along With Me” original soundtrack tracklist

  1. “Main Title (feat. Willow Smith)”
  2. “You And Your Brain”
  3. “Climb Time”
  4. “Memory Strings”
  5. “A Bad Omen”
  6. “War Chant”
  7. “Mind Matters”
  8. “Imagination A Dream (feat. Bettie Ward)”
  9. “Gum Shoes”
  10. “In Our Minds”
  11. “Kingdom Gum”
  12. “Nightmare Hangover”
  13. “March On The Monster”
  14. “Nothing Was Real”
  15. “Drooly Dread”
  16. “Bubbling”
  17. “Last Defense”
  18. “Out Of Home”
  19. “Time Adventure (featuring Niki Yang, Hynden Walch, Olivia Olsen, and more)”
  20. “Sun Cycles”
  21. “Clouds”
  22. “Island Song”
  23. “Waving To You”

What do you make of the song titles? Any potential spoilers in there? Tell us what you think in comments!

Images: Cartoon Network

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