Become the Neomorph in New ALIEN: COVENANT Oculus Rift Experience

If you ran down the list of cinematic universes you wish you could step inside of, where would  Alien rank? Sure, it’s one of the greatest and most creatively important science fiction franchises ever brought to film, but that doesn’t mean it’d necessarily be a pleasant vacation destination. But some of us here at Nerdist, notably our own Clarke Wolfe, are of the mentality that quick getaways shouldn’t be relaxing, but blood-chillingly terrifying. As such, a visit inside the world of Alien: Covenant by way of the new  Oculus Rift virtual reality experience from FoxNext, Alien: In Utero, sounded like a winning idea.

Of course, if you’ve ever seen an Alien movie, you know that things don’t usually turn out so swimmingly for the humans involved. That may be why the creators of In Utero decided to turn the tables, alleviating all those hubris-laden non-Ripleys foolish enough to face off with a Xenomorph of their inevitable dooms in favor of something far more fun.As you can see in the video, those who embark upon Alien: In Utero actually get to experience the world as the titular extraterrestrial: the Neomorph, a strain of Xenomorph kin whom we’ll meet on the big screen in Alien: Covenant, which hits theaters on May 19. While the whole ordeal remains grim, eerie, and–if Clarke’s description of the creature’s human-like skin is any indication–pretty gross, at least it’ll allow you to stick it out longer than they would were they unfortunate hominid prey.

Check out the video, complete with a few words from Alien: In Utero director David Karlak, and chime in with your thoughts!

Images: 20th Century Fox

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