Alexa Plays The Lonely Island When You Want “Some Hot Garbage”

Normally when you are a huge fan of a band, and that certainly describes me and The Lonely Island, you are highly protective of them. Even when a group wants you to laugh at them, the last thing you want to see or hear anyone doing is criticizing them, and not just for a specific song or album, but for their entire catalogue. It’s a personal insult to hear an artist you care about so much be besmirched by Philistines who clearly have no tastes in art, either comedic or musical. But there’s now one clear exception to that general rule: it’s not only fine, it’s totally amazing, to hear a bnd you love insulted when a robot will play their songs when you cask to hear “some hot garbage.”

The comedy musical trio shared a video of themselves telling Amazon’s Alexa “to play me some hot garbage,” and on command she started shuffling songs by The Lonely Island before settling on “Like a Boss.”

I can confirm this is one hundred percent real. I tried it three times, and every time my Alexa started shuffling songs by The Lonely Island. However, you must say, “Play me some hot garbage,” because if you just say, “Play hot garbage,” she plays a station based on a song called “Hot Garbage.” You really have to ask for “some” hot garbage, you know, like The Lonely Island.

Now obviously there are only two ways this is possible. The first is Amazon set up a very funny, very appropriate way to access songs by a band who constantly make fun of themselves. This seems almost certainly what happened. The second is Alexa has become self-aware, gained an “Incredibad” sense of humor, and she has owned the band better than they ever could. This is what I hoped happened.

Either way, now I feel like listening to The Lonely Island. I really love some hot garbage, and I can say that because I’m a huge fan.

Featured Image: NBC

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