Alamo Drafthouse Holding First Mondo Archive Auction

Many of Mondo‘s best movie posters and prints are only available for a brief moment in time. They go on to decorate cinephiles and art lovers homes and offices, where they stay forever. But a whole bunch have also ended up in Alamo Drafthouse‘s possession. And they’re not staying there much longer. The cinema chain is holding its first ever Mondo archive auction; it’s selling massive set of rare collectibles you might have missed out on originally.

But the best part of this sale isn’t a second chance to snag that print you wish you nabbed long ago. All proceeds will go to supporting employees and Alamo venues impacted by COVID-19.

Alamo Drafthouse Holding First Ever Mondo Archive Auction_1Mondo/Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is “inviting guests to Invade the Alamo Basement” with “the largest and most comprehensive auction of Mondo prints ever.” Almost 2,000 Mondo limited edition prints, all from Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League’s personal collection, are being put up for auction at The auction will include rare original posters from artists like Tyler Stout, Shepherd Fairey, Aaron Horkey, Olly Moss, and a whole lot more.

Starting on Sunday, November 29th at 5:00 pm, each item will be listed. All opening bids will be just $1. The auction will run until the end of December 13, just in time for those looking for Christmas presents. To bid all you have to do is have a free account at

The eMovieposter team will “meticulously” will be inspecting and grading all items. Each collectible will be certified original, with either a mint or near mint condition listing.  And you don’t have to worry about last second bids or bots either. Any new bid during the last five minutes of an auction will add an extra five minutes automatically.

Alamo Drafthouse Holding First Ever Mondo Archive Auction_2Mondo/Alamo Drafthouse

Every dollar from the auction will go to paying Alamo Drafthouse staff, as well as debt and expenses accrued because of COVID-19 forced closures. Alamo says, “These next four to six months are critical and the proceeds from this auction will help immensely.” Not only will you be nabbing some great collectibles, you’ll be helping out a business and its employees during an impossible time.

“Cinemas across the country are facing extraordinary financial hardships. We are legally unable to open many of our venues, and where we can open, our capacity is significantly reduced, the product—the supply of blockbuster films—has evaporated, and our debt from accrued rent during closure continues to mount,” said Tim League in a statement.

When it comes to Mondo there are rarely second chances. Once these prints and posters leave Alamo’s basement you might not get a third.

Featured Image: Mondo/Alamo Drafthouse

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