ALADDIN Trailer Teases “Friend Like Me” and “A Whole New World”

Many of us are still unsure of what to make of Guy Ritchie’s forthcoming live action adaptation of Aladdin—in fact, it seems the waters muddy further with every new look at the movie.

The design of Will Smith’s genie gives us pause; Hot Jafar and his non-menacing voice send mixed signals. And most vexingly, perhaps, is the looming threat of “ brand new songs” accompanying, or perhaps even replacing, the beloved numbers introduced in the ’92 hit. If it’s that last one that’s been troubling you, the latest trailer for Ritchie’s remake seems designed from the ground up to put your worries to rest. Now we know for sure that at least “Friend Like Me” and “A Whole New World” will be present and accounted for.

The trailer opens amid a scene reminiscent of Aladdin‘s zippy ensemble bop “One Jump Ahead,” though no such tune is heard. Here’s hoping that the film does recreate Aladdin’s all-smiles ode to street-rattery, as it stands as one of the most delightful numbers in the modern Disney songbook, and seems—what with being a fast-paced set piece about theft—perfectly suited to Guy Ritchie’s oeuvre.

But the instant we notice the troubling omission of “One Jump Ahead,” we’re treated to the hastiest tease of “Friend Like Me,” an even more iconic song—and one we’re curious, if only cautiously optimistic, to see rerouted through the persona of a blued-up Will Smith. (We also get a little taste of the sort of shtick Smith will be doing as the Genie, and it looks to be very Will Smith. More prominent still is the snippet of “A Whole New World”—not only Aladdin‘s most iconic song, but in the running for most iconic Disney song, period—which sounds like it’s not straying too far from original form.

Even with two fan favorite songs now all but promised, we’re still not entirely sure how amped up to be about this new Aladdin. But we’ll be watching for more! (And if you wanna throw a little taste of “Prince Ali” at us, we won’t be mad about it.)

Images: Disney

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