Twitter Lost Its Mind Over Will Smith’s Blue Genie from the ALADDIN Trailer

Last December, we got our first look at Will Smith’s genie in the upcoming live-action Aladdin remake from Disney. When the internet wasn’t busy making jokes about how he looked like a pirate, it was complaining about how he wasn’t blue.

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How can you bring Robin Williams’ iconic character to life and not give him his famous hue? Well, be careful what you wish for, everyone, because the latest teaser for the film has given us the wish-granting genie in all his cobalt glory… and uh, here’s the thing. It’s not great. It’s kind of terrifying. You know what is great, though? The plethora of jokes and memes it immediately led to. To help us deal with this troubling turn of events, here are our favorites.

This tweet pretty much captures everyone’s general reaction.

Okay that might be a little harsh, but this is a lot harsh, but we’re just getting started.

This look might not be going over great for Disney and Will Smith, but it has been a boondoggle for other blue characters.

No surprise Arrested Development was on the mind of a lot of people.

Sometimes the internet is good. And sometimes it’s the best.

Our very own Dan Casey speaks for all of us here at Nerdist.

Is it possible that when we wished for the genie to be blue we used a monkey’s paw and not a magic lamp?

Featured Image: Walt Disney Studios

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