Adult Swim Gives MORTAL KOMBAT the Felt Puppet Treatment

Mortal Kombat is a game known for its epic and deadly finishing moves. And, the film’s trailer is certainly a precursor to what will be a highly entertaining and bloody good time. But some people might want to see the infamous fighters in a softer and more loveable way. Maybe squeezable felt puppet versions of favorite fighters are what gets them hype. If so, Adult Swim’s “felt band” video is the perfect way to go. (We first saw this via Geeks are Sexy.)

The funny clip features a few felt versions of characters battling it out until a “felt-ality” happens. A few puppets go at it and we can clearly see their controllers, even if they are wearing all-black. It really adds to the quality and overall experience of watching soft (and oddly cute) felt puppets beat each other down in mere seconds.

There’s a little fake felt blood, grunting, and even a nice shot of “ice” from the one and only Sub-Zero. And, whoever came up with this idea obviously likes to see Goro suffer. Honestly, that’s what we all like to see, especially when he’s standing in our way towards ultimate victory.

photo of Mortal Kombat character Sub Zero in his black and blue costume with his fighting stance

New Line Cinema

Goro gets a good beating throughout the short “felt band” trailer. Sonya Blade sets him on fire, Sub-Zero hits with a blast before crushing him with a single kick, and Scorpion delivers his classic “get over here” line before taking his head off. They are all flawless “feltalities” that we can’t resist watching over and over again. Also, a big thank you to whomever came up with the felt-ality phrase.

Adult Swim likes to poke fun at everyone, especially Mortal Kombat. The show often uses its characters in hilarious and nonsensical scenarios to rip annoying people apart. But, this felt puppet smackdown is a bit different for them and a pretty cool way to celebrate the upcoming film. Mortal Kombat hits theaters and HBO Max on April 23.

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