Here are Adorable Dog Videos to Help Get Through the Day

Sadly today’s another morning where there’s really nowhere to hide from the pain and suffering of the world. Tragedy dominates the news and our thoughts, as it should. But it’s only natural to feel so overwhelmed by senseless grief and unimaginable loss that you start to lose hope. Since we all have to get through today though – and tomorrow and the next day – it’s also okay, even necessary, for us to find little moments of joy where we can. It’s on days like today where the most insignificant things can offer the only kind of relief possible, because they are purely good unto themselves. Today is a day for dog videos, and to help us all fight through our anger and sorrow the internet is here to help with some adorable puppers.

Will these videos make everything okay? No, but they will make things better, even if only for a moment. How could this exhausted, very stubborn dog not?

These retirees will also help you relax.

Competing? No. Sharing.

You know who has no time for our bullshit? A dog looking out for another dog.

A dog in a hat remains an undefeated combo.

“Siri, show me the greatest video ever.”

This doggo reeeeeally gets it right now.

And this one can get up there.

“What is ‘the only good kind?’ Alex.”

We really, really, really don’t deserve dogs. But sometimes, even though it doesn’t seem like it right now, humans are okay too.

We really needed all of those today. Hopefully one day we won’t, we’ll just want them.

Featured Image: Sung Hwa Chang

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