Adorable Baby Goat Has Ears Like Dumbo

Keep this one out of the T. rex paddock, it’s a special one. A baby Nubian goat in Pakistan likely has the longest ears of any goat. At over 18 inches, they’re even longer than its legs. For now at least. The goat is likely to grow to be twice as tall as it is now, so who knows how long its ears will end up! Other than his ears hanging so low, Simba the goat acts like any other kid in the video below. This includes following his owner around, climbing on things, and getting really excited about milk.

We saw this adorable animal news on Boing Boing, which asked the obvious but relevant question of why the owner named it Simba. Why reference The Lion King when Dumbo is right there? Though hopefully none of the other animals will tease him because of his big ears. We think your ears are beautiful, Simba! 

Guinness World Records has yet to weigh in and declare Simba a new record. It doesn’t appear that they currently even have a recordholder for longest ears on a goat. There is one for longest ears on a dog at over 13 inches. And also a record for the goat breed with the shortest ears, which are only 1-2 inches at most. There’s also a bunch of other weird human ear-related accomplishments like longest ear hair and largest collection of ear trumpets. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before Simba gets officially recognized.  

Simba, a goat with ears longer than its legs, is held by its owner
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