Alamo Drafthouse Launches Virtual Screenings

Staying indoors during the COVID-19 has its advantages. For starters, we’re stopping the spread of a deadly disease and keeping ourselves and our communities safe. But it’s also a time for rest, reflection, and cultivating our interests.

If your interests include horror movies, then you’ll dig this: The Alamo Drafthouse is bringing Terror Tuesday and Weird Wednesday into your living rooms with the new virtual cinema initiative called “Alamo-At-Home.” The project was announced last week as a way to give movie-lovers that sacred Alamo Drafthouse experience during these tumultuous times. With regular movie-going on hiatus, this is the next-best thing for genre fans.

For those unfamiliar, the Alamo Drafthouse is a national theater chain that, along with new releases, hosts a variety of special screenings. Terror Tuesday and Weird Wednesday are two of the weekly presentations, where horror and genre lovers get to experience some truly wild and often lesser-known titles on the big screen.

The virtual version of Terror Tuesday kicks off this week with the digital release of Centipede Horror, a 1992 Hong Kong film that was never properly released in the U.S. Starting at 7 p.m. CST, you can rent the film—which is a 2K preservation of the only 35mm print of the film in existence—for $7.75 here. The price not only includes the film, but all of the pre-show content and introductions you’d see in theaters.

Next week, on April 8 you can also enjoy Weird Wednesday from the comfort of your house. Alamo-At-Home presents a 4K restoration of Godmonster of Indian Flats. Tickets are not currently available for that one, but stay tuned to the Alamo Drafthouse website for more details.

If you’re a fan of the Alamo Drafthouse and have the ability, consider donating to the Alamo Family Drafthouse Fund, the proceeds of which support the theater chain’s staff during lockdown. A number of good people lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic, and any money you donate helps protect them financially until all Drafthouse locations are able to reopen.

A big thanks to the Alamo Drafthouse for keeping these weekly traditions alive until we can all gather together again.

Featured Image: AGFA

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