Adam West Goes Dark in Hilarious Spoof of THE BATMAN

The Batman was perhaps the darkest, grittiest take on the DC Comics hero yet. It couldn’t be a more polar opposite version of the Caped Crusader than Adam West’s take on the Batman ’66 television series. But while that campy classic might not be what anyone is familiar with today as the Dark Knight, it is still the first version to become a pop culture sensation in live-action.

Now, the folks at Corridor Crew have used their skills to transpose Adam West’s Bruce Wayne into the grungy and dirty world of The Batman for a special trailer. Even director Matt Reeves commented via Twitter on this brilliant piece of parody, clearly loving it. And you can watch the hilarious results right here:

The Corridor Crew folks also made a behind-the-scenes video about making this special teaser. They showed just how much time and compositing work went into making it. And it was a lot. They scoured old episodes of the series, as well as the Batman ’66 feature film. All to find just the right shots to place into the modern trailer. Maybe our favorite part of the whole thing was hearing the goofy Batman ’66 theme song given a dark edge.

Although, as true Batman fans, they said a few things in the video that are not exactly true. At one point, the team’s biggest Bat-fan says Batman killed in the comics before the censoring Comics Code Authority came along in the ’50s, making him more kid-friendly. Yes, Batman killed criminals in his first year of comics. But DC quickly issued the character’s “no killing rule.” One guy also said they did Adam West dirty, not letting him play the “real Batman” of the comics. Since it was a parody, no one did Adam West dirty. They simply gave him the perfect part to let his comedy skills shine.

Adam West composited into The Batman.
Corridor Crew

Regardless, they did a fantastic job. Everyone at the Corridor Crew channel should take a bow. Although we hope next time, they find a way to put Zoë Kravitz in the Eartha Kitt Catwoman costume. It can’t be beyond their technical skills, right? To see more amazing examples of their work, be sure to head on over to the Corridor Crew YouTube page.

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