Adam Savage Built a Helmet-Mounted Dart Cannon

Adam Savage is back in the workshop! His latest one-day build involves mounting two motorized dart blasters to a helmet. But it’s never that simple with Adam. He also has to up the voltage and tinker with the power source. And build a handheld trigger and laser sight too. Because, why not? We all find creative inspiration in different places and the D-Dart rotating cannon clearly excited Adam. “I have some fun ideas,” he says in the video. And we all get to have fun watching. 

As with any build, there are some do-overs. As MythBusters did, Adam always shows the experimentation side of engineering. In this case, the toy isn’t working even before he starts the modifications. Adam makes the classic cartoon move of looking down the barrel of the blaster. Thankfully, he doesn’t blast himself with 27 darts at close range. Maybe a little egg on his face when he realizes he only used two batteries instead of four. Reading the manual is important, even if you’re just going to take the whole thing apart.

In a moment so ironic the editor added text to the screen, Adam tells the viewer to always test things every step of the way to avoid mistakes. He does this while actively making a mistake in the reassembly of the blasters. Minutes later (in the video at least, it may have been hours in real time), he realizes the error. But even in that moment, we learn how to fix it and avoid making more mistakes out of frustration.

Adam Savage assembling a dart blaster. Screen shows text remember this for later
Adam Savage’s Tested

The video includes the whole build, with the help of some montages. Lots of soldering to connect two blasters to one trigger, then snipping wires and re-soldering when it’s not long enough. We learn about tools and processes along the way, like a clamp knurler and what it does. But Adam never does anything halfway and the diamond pattern on the handle of his trigger is really cool.

The Adam Savage’s Tested YouTube channel is full of other cool one-day builds. Many take place in the same workshop which, like in MythBusters, is a bit of a mess. Definitely a contrast to the tour Adam took of the late Grant Imahara’s workshop at Fonco Studios. Clips of him meeting Grant’s R2-D2, BB-8, and Grogu builds are all highlights.

Adam Savage with his dual-cannon helmet-mounted dart blaster
Adam Savage’s Tested

Adam has made a career of tinkering. His enthusiasm remains steady. And his glee when testing his new helmet-mounted dual-cannon dart blaster is a delight to watch. As he says, “This is so much fun.” 

Featured Image: Adam Savage’s Tested

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