Adam Savage Becomes Nicolas Cage with a Hyper-realistic Mask

Cosplay is truly easier to participate than ever before. And now there’s the ultimate easy way out: hyper-realistic masks of movie characters. As Adam Savage found out, just add an appropriate t-shirt and you’re done. Like something right out of Face/Off, you too can wear Nicolas Cage’s face. If you can afford the $1,999 price tag, that is.  

There are only 30 of these masks of Cage’s character Red Miller from the ultraviolent movie Mandy. An artist who goes by Rubber Larry makes them and Legion M, which also produced the movie, sells them. Apparently stunt people in movies sometimes use latex masks like these. Rubber Larry’s Instagram feed is truly wild, with pictures of celebrities next to the masks. Kevin Smith poses with his while Kit Harrington looks aghast while holding the head of Jon Snow.

As Adam Savage tries on the Nicolas Cage mask, he can’t help but giggle. He also admits to posing his face underneath the mask even though that’s obviously not necessary. It’s very relatable. Savage often wears intricate cosplay that makes him unrecognizable so he can go incognito on convention floors. This will be the easiest option yet. As he manages to say without sounding super creepy:  “I just need to find an axe in whatever city I’m in and wander around.” 

Adam Savage holds up a latex mask of Nicolas Cage
Adam Savage’s Tested

As for how practical the mask is, Legion M’s description states: “In keeping with the realism of the eyes, holes for adequate vision are drilled in the pupils, however we do not recommend driving, operating machinery or chainsaws while wearing mask.” 

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