Adam Driver’s SNL Promo Gets Interrupted By Aladdin

Rejoice, fellow Kylo Ren lovers! Adam Driver is back to host Saturday Night Live for a second time on Saturday, September 29, with musical guest Kanye West. To tide everyone over until Saturday, NBC put out a few promos to hype up the show’s season 44 (yep!) premiere episode. And while this promo doesn’t give us a ton of info about what exactly the  Star Wars actor will be doing this Saturday night, it does show off what is presumably Adam’s Episode IX Kylo Ren hair:

The promo references one of the weirder sketches from Adam’s 2016 SNL debut, where he portrays Aladdin to Cecily Strong’s Jasmine, in a riff on what would actually happen if you flew through the air on a magic carpet. Watch:

And while it’s unlikely that we’ll get another version of that Disney-inspired sketch, it’s safe to say we’ll see something Star Wars thrown in there. Whether it’s another appearance of Matt the Radar Technician or a reference to shirtless Kylo Ren, we can’t wait to see what happens this Saturday night.

But what do you folks think? What kinds of sketches and characters do you hope to see from Adam Driver? Do you think we’ll see him shirtless? Let’s discuss!

Featured Image: NBC

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