Nicolas Cage Is In Talks to Star in Spider-Man Noir Live-Action Series

As we know, there are so, so many Spideys out in the world. It was a delight to see a few of them together in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, including Spider-Man Noir. The older and frankly worn out monochromatic hero from the 1930s is certainly an interesting take on the character. Now, Spider-Man Noir is getting his own live-action series at Prime Video. It could be yet another win for Amazon’s streaming service.

Nicolas Cage and Spider-Man Noir

Most recently, Nicolas Cage, who voices Spider-Man Noir in Into the Spider-Verse, reveals he is in talks to return for the series, but nothing is set in stone yet. He shares with Collider, “Well, I can say that we have been talking. It’s no secret that I love the character. I think the character provides another mash-up of sorts. I can combine my favorite golden age performances, i.e. Robinson, Cagney, Bogart, with a character that is, I guess, widely considered [to be] Stan Lee’s masterpiece. I see it as a kind of foray into a pop art mash-up of, sort of, a [Jungian] Lichtenstein, mash-up by way of Bogart and Cagney, but nothing’s definitive yet. It’s just conversation.”

With such a nuanced vision of Spider-Man Noir in his head, we feel like it’s only right that Cage reprise this role. But we’ll probably have to wait a while longer to know for sure.

noir spiderman swings from a web and will get his own series soon on prime video
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Last year, Variety reported that Steve Lightfoot will be the co-showrunner alongside creator/writer Oren Uziel. Lightfoot is no stranger to the Marvel Universe, as he was the showrunner for The Punisher Netflix series starring Jon Bernthal.

The show will be set in its own universe and will not center around Peter Parker. The show will, however, take place in the 1930s and will presumably stick with the character’s black and white format. We can’t wait to see how a Spider-Man Noir series plays out. Right now, there’s no firm casting news nor a release window because things are in the very early stages. It will likely take a while before we learn anything else about this venture, but in the meantime, fans can begin all the speculation. 

Originally published on February 9, 2023.

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