A QUIET PLACE II Survival Rooms to Put Fans to a Silent Test

A Quiet Place used silence to terrify audiences, as even the smallest of noises could mean instant death for one of its characters. With a highly-anticipated sequel about to hit theaters, the stakes are only going to get bigger. But we don’t just mean for the Abbott family. Fans of the franchise don’t have to worry about being devoured by giant monsters. But soon they will get a chance to put their own silent skills to the test. An all-new A Quiet Place II survival room exhibit will challenge brave fans to stay silent while attempting to make it out alive.

Emily Blunt in an image from A Quiet Place: Part II.Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures has announced (in news we first came across at Mashable) a new A Quiet Place II Dolby survival room experience. Fans in New York City and Los Angeles will get the opportunity to try and escape an obstacle course based on the movie. It won’t involve playing silent Monopoly or getting stuck in silos of grain. Instead visitors will have to maneuver their way through a challenging path as quietly as possible.

“This multi-sensory experience entails an intense 5-7 minute progression—filled with physical and mental obstacles—for groups of three. This immersive, in-world recreation of A Quiet Place II tasks guests with keeping their decibel levels down and mitigating any sound in their surroundings…at all costs.”

Huge bonus points to anyone who tries to get through the survival room with a newborn baby in tow. (No, wait. Don’t do that. That’s insane. What if they cry?)

The experience will run in New York City from March 2 to the 7, at the Dolby Soho at 477 Broadway. It will also “have additional immersive experiences perfect for every film fan’s Instagram.” The exhibit then moves to Los Angeles from March 16 to the 19, at 8483 Melrose Ave West Hollywood, CA 90069. That will lead to the film’s theatrical release on March 20.

Both locations are already accepting reservations, though walk-ups will be welcome. However, we doubt this news will stay quiet for long. If you plan on attending we’d suggest signing up now before they fill up. As of this writing spots are already hard to come by.

This is the latest promotion for the film, which recently released a second trailer. It doesn’t share new information about the plot, but it does feature some new footage from the movie. All of which is absolutely terrifying.

While the first movie held back on showing the monsters in their entirety for much of the film,  A Quiet Place II looks to be going full Aliens. The first film was more self-contained, focusing on the Abbott family’s struggle to survive at their home. But they’re heading out into the world in the second film. And that’s going to involve more monsters roaming around out in the open. There’s no secret what they look like at this point, and seeing them in all their horrible glory is scary.

Fortunately, the brave souls who enter the survival rooms won’t have to worry about them if they mess up and make noise. At least we don’t think they will. You know what? If you do give it a shot, stay extra quiet just in case.

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures

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