Embrace Your Inner Child With This Nostalgic ’90s Play-Doh Set

Remember the good old days when you were young and carefree? During that time, recess was every day, and your favorite teacher provided you with play-doh to mash around to your heart’s desire. But good news, you can live that time again with the new Play-Doh Grown Up scents ’90s edition set.

Scent and memory are two things that are inextricably linked. And when you break open these cans of Play-Doh, the scent will transport you back to those halcyon ’90s days. This nostalgic Play-Doh aims to take you all the way back with its six nostalgic scents. These include: Eau de Boy Band, VHS Rental ‘N Chill, Pump Up The Jamz, Dial Up Delight, Mall Food Court, and Flannel Fresh.

Play-Doh Nostalgic '90 Grown Up Scents Set

To add to the mystery, Play-Doh doesn’t actually reveal which specific scents go into this ’90s Play-Doh set. But we can definitely make some educated guesses. For instance, Eau de Boy Band and Mall Food Court need no introduction. We can just close are our eyes, and immediately the scent comes to us. Flannel Fresh, we guess, will smell of something like Febreeze. And VHS Rental ‘N Chill likely has some of our favorite Blockbuster/movie theater memories blended into it.

Play-Doh Grown Ups '90s Edition back packaging - nostalgic toy

Pump Up The Jamz and Dial Up Delight seem a little more mysterious. But we can’t help but wonder if Hasbro somehow got the Play-Doh to make that iconic whirring and beeping noise when we squish it. That would create some true nostalgia. Ditto if Pump Up The Jamz played some… well, jamz.

The press release likens this ’90s Play-Doh to adult coloring books. One part memory, one part childhood, one part pure tactile delight. You can now purchase Play-Doh Grown Up Scents ’90s Edition on Amazon. And good news. It comes at a price tag even ’90s you could probably afford. So enjoy this squishy trip down memory lane. We know we will play with this one for a long time. 

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