7 Shops with Gorgeous RPG Dice for Your Growing Collection

If you’re a Dungeons & Dragons player, chances are you already own some carefully chosen dice sets, each one handpicked to match your favorite characters. And if you’re like us, you never stop looking for more dice to add to your collection. There’s no such thing as owning too many dice, after all.

Here are our picks for just a few of our favorite places to shop for dice online. Whether we’re creating a new character, starting a new campaign, or just want to hear the lovely clacking sound of all the dice rolling across the table, these are great options. (Apologies in advance to your bank account.)

Cozy Gamer Shop
Dice with dandelion seeds inside

Cozy Gamer Shop (Photo: Kelly Knox)

Cozy Gamer Shop is a Portland, Oregon-based dice seller. They have a wide selection to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an affordable set made by a large-scale manufacturer or a unique handmade set to splurge on, chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for here. We’re big fans of the sharp edge dandelion seed set (pictured above), the other striking floral and organic sets, and their sparkly set with shiny skulls. So many skulls.

Die Hard Dice
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Die Hard Dice specializes in metal dice sets for players who really love the satisfying thunk of a heavy d20 on the table. Acrylic sets are also available. Die Hard Dice helpfully offers shopping lists based on character class and a wishlist feature that is both genius and dangerous. Shop for a complete set or affordably treat yourself with a single metal d20.

Heartbeat Dice
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Add some bright colors to your campaign or show off your pride with Heartbeat Dice. From the rainbow hues of pride dice celebrating the LGBTQ community to vibrant dice trays, we love what Heartbeat Dice brings to the table.

Want good dice for a good cause? Heartbeat Dice teamed up with Lucky Hand Dice for this adorable translucent heart set raising funds for The Trevor Project. You can also preorder their special Black Lives Matter dice set with all proceeds benefitting The Okra Project.

Ice Cream Dice
Ice Cream Dice

Ice Cream Dice (Photo: Kelly Knox)

You’ll be the envy of your party when you roll these sweet sets from Ice Cream Dice across the table. These colorful creations might be the first dice you’re actually tempted to put in your mouth. (Don’t do that, though.) From the candy corn dice above to root beer float inspired dice, these sets stand out. If you’re looking to give yourself a surprise treat every month, you can even sign up for a subscription.

Level Up Dice

The aptly named Level Up Dice is here to take your dice collection, well, to the next level. From semi-precious stone sets to aluminum sets, you’ll find something you’re dying to splurge on. Level Up Dice offers unique sets as well, from bright prismatic neon to gorgeous wooden sets that look like they could tell a tale of their own.

Tabletop Loot

If you’re shopping for striking sets to give to your friends or want to encourage new players to come to the table, Tabletop Loot is the site for you. With an incredibly large selection of acrylic dice sets and frequent sales, this affordable dice shop is one you’ll visit time and time again. Not only is there a dazzling array of glittery, sparkling dice, we’re huge fans of Tabletop Loot’s efforts to support the young TTRPG community. They offer the chance to donate dice to school Dungeons & Dragons clubs.


Looking to seriously treat yourself with a dice set that can’t be found anywhere else? Yaniir has the handmade, sharp edge dice set of your dreams. If “dice artisan” is a profession, Yaniir absolutely qualifies. Each set of the high demand dice comes with a story (although they’re not always pleasant) that breathes even more life into the resin treasures. Keep an eye on the website for limited time opportunities to get your hands on these breathtaking dice.

Do you have a favorite dice shop? Tell us about it in the comments!

Featured Image: Cozy Gamer Shop/Kelly Knox

Kelly Knox is a freelance entertainment writer in Seattle, WA who almost bought 34 dice sets writing this. Follow her on Twitter.

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