7 New Pieces of Transgender Media to Watch and Read

It’s International Trans Day of Visibility! Today is a day to not only celebrate the transgender community, but also to bring awareness to the lives and experiences of trans individuals all over the world. So if you’re looking for trans-related media to explore on this day, here are some of the latest titles created by or centered around the trans community.

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With the rights of trans youths currently under attack across the country, now is the perfect time to watch Transhood. Chronicling the lives of four transgender children over the course of five years, the documentary explores a plethora of topics related to the conversation around trans youths. The documentary is truly an experience, and one well worth having to anyone questioning the legitimacy of these young members of the community.

You can watch Transhood  on HBO Max.

My Life in Transition
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Andrews McMeel Publishing

The second collection of comics from artist Julia Kaye, which serves as an autobiographical, illustrated diary that captures her day-to-day experiences as a trans woman. Following up her first collection, Super Late Bloomer, which covered Julia’s early experiences in transition, My Life in Transition finds Julia continuing to explore her identity now years into her journey. Through dating, friendship, family, and the challenges that come with finding herself along the way, My Life in Transition is a beautiful and personal journey that paints a touching picture of the highs and lows of transition.

You can read more about My Life in Transition  on Julia Kaye’s website, and order the book through Simon & Schuster.

Detransition, Baby

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One World

A phenomenal new novel by trans author, Torrey Peters, which explores themes of motherhood, gender, and non-traditional families. The book centers around Ames, a former trans woman who has detransitioned after a traumatic experience. When he accidentally conceives a child with his cis coworker Katrina, Ames seeks out the help of his former partner, Reese, a trans woman. Together, the three must navigate uncharted waters as they attempt to forge a new life together. Interwoven with flashbacks revealing Reese and Ames’ history, as well as the events that lead to his detransition, the book paints a visceral narrative that is sure to engage readers at every turn.

You can order Detransition, Baby  through Penguin Random House.

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Samuel Goldwyn Films

A beautiful film that, not unlike Transhood, explores the topic of trans youth through the experience of a transgender boy named Joe. When his mother refuses to let him live as his true self, Joe’s father helps him escape as the two go on the run into the Montana wilderness. While making their way to the Canadian border, the film explores a touching relationship between a father and his son, and the importance of unconditional love and acceptance.

You can rent Cowboys on Amazon Prime or buy it on YouTube, Google Play, or Vudu.


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A good documentary for anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of the history and impact of trans representation in media throughout the years. With many people having their ideas and perceptions of the community molded by what they see in movies and on tv, it is important to recognize harmful stereotypes and how their real world consequences have shaped the lives of the trans community. Disclosure breaks this all down as well as the steps being made towards positive representation in this comprehensive doc.

You can watch Disclosure on Netflix.

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Disney-ABC Domestic Television

From creator Ryan Murphy, this FX original series centers around the New York City drag ball culture of the ’80s and ’90s. With a diverse cast in race, gender, and sexuality, the show features stellar performances and a group of phenomenal trans women of color leading the way. With the first two seasons of the series now available on Netflix and the third and final season set to premiere this fall, there’s no better time to dive into this groundbreaking show.

You can watch Pose on Netflix.

The Lady and the Dale
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This 4-part HBO documentary series centers around trans entrepreneur, Elizabeth Carmichael, who became involved in an auto scam in the 1970s amid the gas crisis with a car called “The Dale.” Elizabeth’s ambition soon finds her in the crosshairs of the auto industry as her criminal past is brought to light along with her identity as a trans woman. A media circus ensues, and transphobia takes center stage in this compelling series.

You can watch The Lady and the Dale  on HBO Max.

These are only a few examples of trans media released in the last year, but there is plenty more out there to explore. The trans community is not a monolith, there is no one way of being trans, and every individual’s story and experiences are different. So seek out as many different and diverse stories as you can, and give power and support to trans voices this International Trans Day of Visibility and every day.

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