This $7.7 Million Motorhome Is a Gas-Guzzling Nightmare

Dumb rich people stuff seems to be the most prolific thing on the entire internet. Ridiculously opulent homes, a Pokémon card that costs $250k, stuff like that. Most of the time I just shrug and go “oh, those rascally one-percenters. Will they ever learn?” (Incidentally, the answer is no, they won’t.) But sometimes, friends, I see something so absurd, so monumentally indulgent that I simply must say something. After seeing this Gizmodo article, that time is now. I present to you, the Volkner Performance S. motorhome. A motorhome with a built-in garage specifically for a Bugatti Chiron.

Volkner Mobil, a German manufacturer, unveiled this gas-guzzling behemoth at the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon, a fancy RV show. The base price for the motorhome is $2.4 million, which really feels like chump change compared to what it could be with various add-ons. The stock version has a slide-out garage underneath. Most people (how would I know?) would probably think to put ATVs or jet skis or other camping-adjacent vehicles. However, for $3 million extra, Volkner will add a 430-horsepower Bugatti Chiron, which you can see in the video. The car has more horsepower than the motorhome, by the way.

The giant Volkner Performance S motorhome showcasing its built-in garage for a Bugatti Chiron.


There are other things you can add, like a big huge stereo system and probably puppy skin upholstery (second one unconfirmed). If you’re all-in, this will be a $7.7 million investment. Pretty good, I suppose, since you’re effectively getting two luxury vehicles for this price. And while the home part runs on a bank of batteries with a 2,000-watt solar array on the roof to recharge, the motor part still runs on gasoline. There is no way this thing’s carbon neutral.

What an unfathomable waste of money, though I’m sure people will buy it because they can. If you have a spare $2-$8 million lying around, I want to know who you are and why. But you can also get your own one of these and live like bewheeled royalty.

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