7-Eleven’s New Hot Dog-Flavored Sparkling Water Seems Like an April Fools’ Day Prank

It’s the end of March which means we all need to officially be on high alert because April Fools’ Day is coming. The most annoying day of the year means brands will be trotting out fake products to rile up those not paying attention to the calendar. But not every absurd item will turn out to be a joke. Some companies truly commit to the bit. The issue is you can’t always tell which ones are merely a gag and which ones actually exist until someone confirms it. That’s why we have no idea if 7-Eleven is being honest about launching a Hot Dog-flavored sparkling water in a few days.

A can of 7-Eleven Hot Dog Water

7-Eleven has announced its partnering with  Miracle Seltzer on a line of new sparkling waters. Three of them sound totally legit and are certainly real: Lemon Lime, Green Apple, and Sweet Orange. The issue is the fourth flavor and the details surrounding this alleged product’s release. The final drink in the collection is Hot Dog, a flavor inspired by the convenience store’s Bog Bite Hot Dog. If that sounds super gross it’s actually much, much worse. Here’s how the company describes this supposéd beverage in the official press release:

The Big Bite Hot Dog Sparkling Water combines the delicious and mouthwatering experience of 7-Eleven’s iconic Big Bite Hot Dog into one refreshing beverage – ketchup and mustard included. Gone are the days of alternating bites of a hot dog with sips of a beverage, now those on the go can swap the bun for bubbles.

Even with all these pictures this can’t be real, right? Maybe not. The three fruit-flavored sparkling waters are already available at select stores. Meanwhile 7-Eleven says “more details on the availability” of its Hot Dog drink “will be revealed on April 1.”

April 1. Of course.

Our bet is the only detail we’ll get on the foolingest day of the year is that this product will never be available because it’s not real. At least we hope so. We’d much rather get pranked than drink literal Hot Dog water.

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