4 Reasons Detective Pikachu Would Be Our Best Friend

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In Rhyme City, people and Pokémon live side by side in harmony, or at least they did until recently. In the action-adventure game, Detective Pikachu, the Pokémon of Rhyme City have started attacking randomly without any apparent reason. With otherwise-innocent pocket monsters as suspects, who can we turn to solve this mystery? How about a junior super-sleuth and a Pikachu in a deerstalker cap with the voice of a middle-aged man?

detective pikachu 1

Detective Pikachu (yes that’s his name) is the Pokémon partner to Tim Goodman, a young detective who is searching the city for his missing father (who’s also, coincidentally, a detective). Together, Tim and Detective Pikachu explore Rhyme City, meeting interesting people, talking with troubled Pokémon, and doing their best to solve the mysteries they come across as they search for Tim’s misplaced dad. The game is a humorous, puzzle-packed adventure that gives us a new perspective on the world of Pokémon by letting us see how humans and their poké pals interact outside of a trainer’s life.

There are many reasons to love a regular Pikachu (cute, cuddly, can recharge your phone any time you’re out of juice), but Detective Pikachu is on a whole other level. We already know that the lightning-powered little guy made for the best friend a trainer could hope for, but for those of us not battle-inclined, Detective Pikachu still has lots of amazing qualities that would make him an awesome companion!  Why would I want this voltaic gumshoe as my perpetual pal?  Let’s investigate!

He is a universal Pokémon translator
detective Pikachu talk

This, right here, would be worth the price of admission all on its own.  Ever wondered what’s going on in your Evee’s adorable little head? Want to have a heart-to-heart with a Bulbasaur or do karaoke with a Clefairy? Well, Detective Pikachu can be your translator, speaking on Tim’s behalf whenever the pair meet a new Pokémon. Like some sort of electricity-powered polyglot, this pint-sized Pika speaks all the various languages of Pokémon and, considering there are over 700 types of pocket monsters, Detective Pikachu must be some kind of genius!

He’s really good at keeping a secret

detective pikachu talks

While Detective Pikachu is quite conversant with other Pokémon, when it comes to humans, his fuzzy little lips are sealed (mainly because no one can seem to understand him except Tim).  Whenever Tim chats with Detective Pikachu, most people write him off as talking to himself.  If Detective Pikachu were our pal, we wouldn’t need to worry about him spilling the beans about any embarrassing mishaps which might have occurred (look, no one actually SAW me accidentally use that Master Ball to capture a Rattata).

He always knows where to get the best coffee 

detective pikachu coffee

Like any good gumshoe, Detective Pikachu takes his cup o’ joe black and he has some pretty strong opinions on where to get the best java in town. What’s surprising is that he has a well-developed taste for coffee that rivals any professional aficionado. He converses about coffee like an expert taster; not only enjoying the scent but commenting on the “pleasant acidity along with the bitterness and balanced body”. You’ll never want for a date to the café with the detective at your side!

He’s confident and always has your back

detective pikachu tea

I thought your whole thing was *coffee*!?!

“I’m not just a detective. I’m a great detective!” states Detective Pikachu early in the game. He knows he’s fantastic and, while he might think he’s the brains and you’re the brawn, he’s always looking out for you. When Tim meets Emilia Christie, a cute GNN news reporter, Detective Pikachu has a hunch that she might like Tim. Not one to let opportunity pass by, he encourages Tim to ask for a date. As an adorable, mouse-like creature in a fancy hat, who could be a better wingman?

With dashing charm, intelligent conversation, and a voice like Columbo, Detective Pikachu is the best pal a junior detective could have! What mysteries do you wish Detective Pikachu could solve for you? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out  Game Engine (on  Twitch and  Alpha Tuesdays at 4 PM Pacific) to learn more about the coolest things in the world of games with Erika and Trisha.

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