Smile Big, 30 COINS Returns for Season 2 in 2023

I am fairly easily startled. Usually I can only watch horror things when it also makes me cry— big thanks to Mike Flanagan for that one. However, by some truly bonkers turn of events I love the Spanish horror series 30 Coins. The series follows an ex-convict priest, who with the help of a veterinarian and a himbo mayor, tries to get to the bottom of some strange happenings in a remote Spanish village. The strange happenings, of course, tied to the titular coins, which are the very same coins paid to Judas after he betrayed Jesus. Yep, this is horror with roots all the way at the Holy See! Certainly makes The Da Vinci Code seem like child’s play. And it is a wild show. Luckily, HBO has announced that 30 Coins is returning for season two next year. Additionally, the cabler dropped a spooky tease.

The series begins filming in February 2022, with a 2023 debut date in mind. And thankfully horror maestro Álex de la Iglesia is returning for more. The filmmaker will direct all eight episodes in season two and is co-writing with Jorge Guerricaechevarría. And in a statement, de la Iglesia makes it pretty clear things are about to get even wilder. He said, “If the first season was the gathering of the storm clouds, the second will be the maelstrom preceding an epic storm. The characters are involved in a hellish plot, where death and resurrection are two sides of the same coin.”

If you remember correctly, season one ended on a pretty tough note for all our faves. Paco’s estranged wife Merche—transformations to pure villainy now complete—seriously injured Elena. And we last saw the mayor and vet as they narrowly escaped the town. However, they did so because Father Vergara successfully managed to separate the 30 coins, which involved him plunging through an open window with the Cainite possessing the box of coins. Season one closed out without revealing Vergara’s fate. But the teaser indicates he’s back… but certainly worse for wear.

Father Vergara in HBO's 30 coins

As is, unfortunately, the entire town of Pedraza. Here’s a synopsis for season two from HBO:

Most of the people of Pedraza have lost their minds, confined to a psychiatric hospital. Elena lies in a Madrid hospital bed in a coma; Paco, shattered by remorse, tries to take care of her. As horror grows around them, our group of heroes must face a new enemy. Someone so perverse that even the devil fears him. But what about Father Vergara? Has he died, along with his archenemy, Cardinal Santoro? Where do they hide, the tortured souls?

As such Eduard Fernández, Megan Montaner, and Miguel Ángel Silvestre are returning for season two. Hurry up 30 Coins, I’ve missed you so much! And for those yet to take the plunge, what are you waiting for? It’s on HBO Max.

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