Stream ANASTASIA and Other Family Movies This Thanksgiving

Before 2017 sets into the holiday season proper, there’s just one more happy hurdle we need to leap: Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but many of us take the day as an opportunity to spend time with our loved ones. Whatever your take on Thanksgiving, you’ll likely need some rad holiday viewing material to get you through the long weekend. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 15 of the best movies to sit down and enjoy with your family and friends this Turkey Day.

Thanksgiving Themed

Addams Family Values

Perfect for those post-Turkey slumps, Addams Family Values is one of those rare sequels that surpasses the original. With a sterling cast, perfect balance of humor and horror, and an iconic Thanksgiving scene for the ages, this is a Holiday classic that’ll have you laughing the house down.Where to watch: Hulu

Pieces of April

There’s nothing better to distract from your own family’s squabbles at Thanksgiving than the squabbles of an even more dysfunctional family onscreen. Pieces of April delivers that along with humor and an early breakout role for Katie Holmes. Focusing around a kooky kid’s attempts to bring her family together for the holidays, this is some certified family fun.

Where to watch: Amazon

Grumpy Old Men

Everyone has a cranky old man in their life, and this classic family flick is a comedic celebration of aging disgracefully and the importance of male friendship. Starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau as warring best frenemies in pursuit of the film’s true star, Ann-Margret, it includes a famous Thanksgiving scene and is humorously heartwarming.

Where to watch: Hulu

Home for the Holidays

Directed by Jodie Foster, this offbeat Thanksgiving dramedy has an all-star cast including Robert Downey Jr. and Holly Hunter, and focuses on another dysfunctional family trying to get it together for the holidays after one of their number opts out of the celebrations. Perfect for some bittersweet laughs whilst the turkey cooks.

Where to watch: Hulu

Animated Adventures

The Rescuers

Disney movies are always a solid go-to, and this James Bond pastiche about a charitable organization of mice spies who help children in need is a stone cold classic. The ideal cute and cozy movie to enjoy alongside evening leftovers.

Where to watch: Hulu


This animated historical fan fic is one of the best winter wonderland movies ever made. Put it on when your family wants to watch something educational. You’ll be surprised how many of the songs you recognize and how well the CGI/cell animation mix has aged as you follow the lost Romanov Princess Anastasia on a journey through her past.

Where to watch: Netflix

Kubo and the Two Strings

Want to impress your cinephile sister-in-law? Laika’s latest, Kubo and the Two Strings, is the ultimate mix of family folklore and state-of-the-art stop motion. A sprawling animated epic, this is a magical addition to your holiday playlist.

Where to watch: Netflix

The Iron Giant

The best Superman movie never made, The Iron Giant tells the story of a young boy who makes friends with a good-natured robot whose origins put their budding relationship in danger. This underrated animated cult classic is great for when the reruns run out and you need something old but as-yet-unseen to entertain the masses.

Where to watch: Netflix

The Gruffalo’s Child

A staple of British Christmas programming, The Gruffalo’s Child is a wintery wonder. Gorgeous computer animation creates a stop motion inspired forest glittering with snow. Though adapted from a children’s book, this 27 minute short is a joy for people of all ages, plus it’ll get you points with the younger members of your family.

Where to watch: Netflix

Ernest and Celestine

When you need a break from the MCU and the House of Mouse, turn to Ernest & Celestine. This beautifully animated French film tells the story of an unexpected friendship between a mouse and a bear. Defiantly sweet and a visual feast, pop this one on when people start to bicker and watch them become transfixed and transformed.

Where to watch: Netflix

Family Classics

The Witches

Anjelica Huston’s second appearance on our list, The Witches sees her starring as the terrifying and glamorous leader of a coven of witches meeting at a British seaside hotel to put a nefarious plan into action. This ’90s kids film will have you quivering in your boots and is perfect for spooking any annoying kids at your dinner table.

Where to watch: Amazon

Cool Runnings

If you grew up in the ’90s, then Cool Runnings was probably a staple of any festive film-fest. This (loosely) biographical story about the 1988 Jamaican Olympic bobsledding team is a heartwarming classic that features some of the funniest moments ever set to film. The perfect nostalgia fest for the millennials in your household.

Where to watch: Netflix

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Director Taiki Waititi is finally getting the recognition he deserves for the rip-roaring romp that is Thor: Ragnarok, so make yourself seem really cool by showing your loved ones this 2016 gem from Waititi. Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a delightfully dry and cynically sweet family film about an unexpected friendship and a quest for freedom.

Where to watch: Hulu


Another Christina Ricci creepy cute classic, Casper is fantastic family film that’s great for those who like a bit of scare with their sweet. A perfect choice for families who have members old enough to remember the classic cartoon or those young enough to have never had the joy to meet this friendly ghost.

Where to watch: Netflix

The Neverending Story

There’s nothing better than a beloved family favorite when holiday times are getting tense, and Wolfgang Petersen’s groundbreaking fantasy film is one of the best out there. Incredible special effects, multiple iconically quotable moments, and everyone’s favorite cuddly dragon/dog, Falcor, make this a top pick for Thanksgiving.

Where to watch: Hulu

Which of these festive films will you be watching this Turkey Day? Did we miss your family’s favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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