Legend of Vox Machina: Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, & Ashley Johnson on Critical Role’s Journey

What was it like returning to the characters of Vox Machina? Critical Role stars Matthew Mercer (Sylas Briarwood), Marisha Ray (Keyleth), and Ashley Johnson (Pike Trickfoot) sit down with Dan Casey to discuss their new animated series, The Legend of Vox Machina, the difference between filming their first episode of Critical Role vs the last day recording for the animated series, and Mercer’s desire to voice all the NPC’s on today's episode of Nerdist Now! Watch the original adventures of Vox Machina in Critical Role’s Campaign 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7atuZxmT954bCkC062rKwXTvJtcqFB8iOpens in new tab