YouTube Adds Nearly 4,000 Free TV Episodes to Stream with Ads

YouTube already hosts many of our favorite viral videos and talk show clips—not to mention bootleg uploads of extremely niche TV shows. (The older the better.) But one of the video platform’s other major perks is its secret cache of free movies available to watch with ads. With so many streaming platforms moving and shaking out there, it’s easy to forget YouTube also has a pretty sweet selection. And now YouTube will add free TV episodes.

A publicity photo showcases YouTube's launching free episodes of Hell's Kitchen

YouTube just announced in a blog post that they now have nearly 4,000 episodes of TV to watch for free with ads. (We first saw this at The Verge.) This includes full seasons of several shows. And let me tell you it is a delightfully eclectic catalog. The catalog features classic TV shows, recent cult favorites, and two Gordon Ramsay shows. Plus, a whole lot of other niche programming. Among the noteworthy titles are Scream Queens, the first two seasons of  Unsolved Mysteries, and the cult sci-fi series Lexx. YouTube also has Wired, a 2008 limited series starring Jodie Whittaker and Sacha Dhawan. The series sees the Thirteenth Doctor and the Master on-screen together more than decade before Doctor Who.

But YouTube isn’t stopping at its 4,000 TV episodes and 1,500 films. According to the blog post, it’s adding up to 100 titles every week. And viewers can watch via “web browsers, mobile devices, and most connected TVs via the YouTube on TV app.” To go along with its expanded content catalog, YouTube is making some major upgrades.

A publicity photo showcases YouTube's launching free episodes of TV with ads

From the platform:

To enhance the viewing experience, we’re unveiling brand new streamlined navigation and immersive banner art. The rich visuals and new menus will help you more easily find your favorite TV shows from the comfort of the couch, whether you choose to rent, purchase, or watch for free with ads. Many of these titles are also now available in high definition 1080p with 5.1 surround sound audio on supported devices.

The full catalog of free shows is available here.

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