You Can Have A Dinosaur Run a RPG Campaign On Twitter

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One of the most challenging parts about learning to play Dungeons & Dragons is finding a Dungeon Master. Dozens of solutions to this problem have materialized over the years, from fliers at Friendly Local Game Stores to taking the plunge and building a game group from scratch. Articles on how to create or improve Dungeon Masters are a common sight on our site, but right now Twitter is providing a unique opportunity. Not only can uses join a D&D right now on the platform, they can join one run by a celebrity Dungeon Master.

FMNH PR 2081, more commonly known as “Sue the T-Rex”, is the largest, most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton discovered to date. The skeleton resides on display at the Chicago Field Museum’s Stanley Field Hall, where her massive body is a common backdrop for tourist photos and has become a symbol for the museum. She’s been the subject of TV episodes, documentaries and even came to the aid of Chicago’s most famous wizard, Harry Dresden, in one of the books in his series. Sue has her own Twitter account where she talks a lot about science things and, apparently, has a crush of Jeff Goldblum. Recently, she used it to start running a game of Dungeons & Dragons for her followers with this tweet:

Followers cast their vote to see how the story proceeds. Sue and her social media handlers slip in the game’s progress in between more informative tweets, but she also takes the time to drop some knowledge while slaying brigands.

This is an excellent opportunity for gamers who don’t have a group to get a taste what D&D is like, or for folks looking for a brief distraction from social media drama during the day. Hopefully, the popularity of these tweets will help Sue convince her handlers to offer some faux-dinosaur bone dice sets in the museum’s gift shop.

What is your favorite dinosaur? Let us know in the comments.

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