Yes, Internet, The STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Cast IS Allowed to Say God

“My god, what is this, the dark ages?” – Bones

“My god, Bones. What have I done?” – Captain Kirk

Aside from the religious connotations, the word “god” has been part of the Star Trek universe as an exclamation–usually from Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy–since the earliest days of the series. It is perhaps one reason fans were surprised to hear of a possible ban of the word in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery in a preview of a Trek-centric cover story from Entertainment Weekly. Actor Jason Isaacs, who plays Captain Gabriel Lorca on the series, improvised on set and said “for God’s sakes” and was shut down by the episode’s writer, presumably for using the word “God.”

When asked what was off with the ad lib, Isaacs asked if he could say, “For fuck’s sake.” Writer Kirsten Beyer replied, “You can say that before you can say ‘God.'”

Nerdist talked to Star Trek: Discovery executive producer Gretchen Berg at the Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour on Tuesday and confirmed the word “God” is, in fact, allowed on Star Trek: Discovery for religious and exclamation purposes.

“In our room, it’s something we discuss a lot,” Berg said. “I don’t necessarily agree with [Isaacs’] quote. On a show about diversity and with different points of view, I feel like you have to accept that some people believe in God, some people want to worship a potato, and some people don’t want to believe in anything. I think there is room for that on Star Trek.”

In fact, she’s pretty sure it’s already been said in the new Trek show: “I think it’s actually been in this series quite a bit. They are allowed to say it [God]. God fits in the patchwork in everything that is represented by Star Trek.”

Now, can we learn more about the possibility of a group of humans or aliens that worships potatoes?

Images: CBS, Tumblr/ ReadySteadyTrek

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