YELLOWJACKETS Cannibalism Tracker: Who Gets Eaten in Season 2?

At the center of Yellowjackets‘ many mysteries has always been the question of cannibalism. In season one, we got a major flash forward to heavily implied cannibalism in the series’ very first episode. Could we call this confirmed cannibalism? Maybe not entirely. But it certainly feels like cannibalism is coming. And even though the series’ creators assure us, no one is eating Shauna’s baby… It seems like someone will get eaten on Yellowjackets. But who will it be? And who will do the eating? Well, to help you keep track of whether or not cannibalism has yet occurred on Yellowjackets, how likely it is more will come, and who is probably on the menu, we’re putting together this cannibalism tracker for season two.

So has cannibalism happened yet on Yellowjackets? We’re about to find out.

Yellowjackets Season Two, Episode One: Yes, There’s Cannibalism

Well, that didn’t take long. A minor act of cannibalism was committed in the very first episode of Yellowjackets season two. Shauna’s morbid pull to sit with dead Jackie’s corpse took an even more lurid turn when Shauna accidentally broke off Jackie’s ear. Anyone who has seen Hannibal could feel what comes next. Shauna kept the ear in her pocket, but the siren song of it was too much to resist. At the very end of the episode she pops it into her mouth like a candy bar. Yellowjackets cannibalism confirmed. Welcome to season two.

Shauna eating Jackie's ear first cannibalism on Yellowjackets (1)

Yellowjackets Season Two, Episode One: Hoo Boy, Is There Cannibalism

After a slow start to the cannibalism in Yellowjackets, Yellowjackets episode two of season two, “Edible Complex,” takes everything to a new level. The team wants to burn Jackie’s frozen body so they can finally lay her to rest. But either by the supernatural hand of the wilderness or by wild coincidence, they end up slow cooking her instead. As the ravenous teens catch the scent of burning meat, they can no longer resist. Everyone except for Coach Ben partakes in a feast of flesh. On Yellowjackets, Jackie gets eaten—and how. Although the experience is literal, it is also spiritual and almost religious. Engaging in the act of cannibalism seems to elevate the girls and Travis to godhood.

Yellowjackets first Cannibalism scene in season two (1)

Yellowjackets Season Two, Episode Three: Cannibalism Lingers in the Air

No further new cannibalism happens in this episode of Yellowjackets. But the team is dealing with the fallout of their feast. We see that Jackie is basically bones and nothing else. And Natalie takes all that remains of her to the site of the plane crash. Everyone is processing their descent into cannibalism differently, with Taissa taking it especially hard. But Coach’s obvious distaste for it doesn’t seem to sit well with the team.

Yellowjackets Season Two, Episode Four: The Threat of Cannibalism

There hasn’t been any more people eating since Jackie, but the conversation about it is more casual than ever. Coach Ben asks the team if they’d eat him, and Mari seems to feel like the answer is yes. Cannibalism is officially a viable option on Yellowjackets. Additionally, since neither Nat nor Lottie were able to procure more sustenance for the team this episode, it could be on the table again very soon. Everyone is starving after all.

Yellowjackets Antler Queen and team by the fire as they prepare for cannibalism

Yellowjackets Season Two, Episode Five: Murder But No Cannibalism

Although no actual cannibalism happened in Yellowjackets season two, episode five, death did strike. After revealing she destroyed the plane’s flight recorder, thus trapping them in the wilderness, Misty’s new best fried Crystal turns on her. Rightfully, of course. But Misty doesn’t seem to have expected it. Although Misty doesn’t actually push Crystal off the ledge, she sure backs her up toward it. And the result is another frozen body in the wilderness. We guess Crystal is next on the table if the Yellowjackets intend to commit more acts of cannibalism.

Yellowjackets Cannibalism Nat in Shauna's vision eating the baby

Yellowjackets Season Two, Episode Six: Dream Cannibalism Only

The creators of Yellowjackets promised no one was going to eat Shauna’s baby. But this was only kind of true. As Shauna fights to survive giving birth in the wilderness, she has visions of a life where her baby is born safe. But unfortunately the baby doesn’t survive fake reality or real reality. In the visions though, the team eats the baby in secret, committing Yellowjackets‘ first case of dream cannibalism. Although it wasn’t real, technically we did see cannibalism on our screens in Yellowjackets‘ sixth episode of season two.

Yellowjackets Season Two, Episode Seven: Cannibalism Is in the Air

There isn’t any actual cannibalism in episode seven of Yellowjackets‘ second season, but everyone is much more open to the idea than they were at first. The team knows Crystal is missing, but they don’t know where she went. The idea of finding her corpse though, appeals to a certain hunger in them and the idea of cannibalism looms large. Misty, for once, is in opposition, but in the end, no one finds Crystal in the woods. Cannibalism will have to wait for another episode of Yellowjackets.

Yellowjackets Season Two, Episode Eight: Medium Hard Cannibalism

In episode eight, we see the girls finally succumb to the idea they may have to kill and eat one another to survive. They draw cards to see who will be dinner and Natalie gets picked. But just slitting each other’s throats is still not something the team is totally comfortable with… In the end, Javi falls into frozen lake water and the girls don’t try to save him, saying instead that it’s the wilderness’ decision for their next meal. Javi died so they could live. It’s notable they still haven’t directly killed in order to eat someone else… But it’s definitely heading in that direction.

YELLOWJACKETS Cannibalism Tracker: Who Gets Eaten in Season 2?_1

Yellowjackets Season Two, Episode Nine: Cannibalism Has Arrived

There’s no turning back from this cannibalistic feast. The team and even Travis commit to consuming Javi. Shauna butchers him like a deer, and they feast. They are starving; after all. It’s a solution for now, and it’s all fun and games when someone else is on the table, but how long till everyone realizes they could be next. We guess that’s a cannibalism question only season three of Yellowjackets can answer. But we have to wonder, will we see cannibalism come to the adult timeline as well? Only time will tell.

Dinners to Come on Yellowjackets

Tai biting Van on Yellowjackets is close to cannibalism

Yellowjackets season two had its fair share of cannibalism. But there are only so many characters that can still be consumed. Still, we feel like we haven’t seen the last human heart on a platter. And if the team ever finds out that Coach Ben set their cabin home on fire… Well… we saw what happened to Javi.

Originally published on March 24, 2023.

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