Now You Really Can Live (Well, Airbnb) in a Yellow Submarine

Building a submarine out of LEGO bricks is a very big task for many of us, but New Zealand couple Keith and Jen took it a few steps further. It’s not quite beneath the waves, but this couple actually built their own yellow submarine to serve as a fully functioning tiny home. YouTube channel Living Big in a Tiny House recently toured the tiny home, which we heard about at Laughing Squid, revealing just what an impressive feat the structure is. Both in design and master thrifting.

The idea to build a yellow submarine actually started as a simple passing thought while Keith, a former radio technician, was outside a yellow café in Wellington, New Zealand. Months later, Jen stumbled across an old grain silo for sale and the couple’s plan fell in motion. Keith told the YouTube channel that it took a while to take the submarine from idea to completion. But while the couple didn’t always know if their plan would work, they had the best time working on it.

Not only is the project incredibly creative, it’s also sustainable. As Living Big in a Tiny House describes it, “The yellow submarine has almost entirely been constructed using up-cycled materials. From old spa baths, to radar domes, you’ll be amazed at how all these old parts have been combined to create a remarkable small bnb.”

Live Out Your Beatles dreams in a Yellow Submarine Tiny Home_1

Living Big in a Tiny House

While, of course, the yellow submarine is an homage to The Beatles, the iconic song is only part of the tiny home’s thematic smorgasbord—although, like The Beatles, there are four. Keith revealed the other three themes are Cold War, North Atlantic in 1942, and steampunk submarine. But there was never any question that the submarine would be any other than yellow. Especially considering it sits beneath a “sea of green” in a beautifully wooded area in northern New Zealand.

While travel is off the table right now, as most of us in the States are still hunkering down, the yellow submarine tiny home is actually available to rent on Airbnb. It sounds like the perfect place to live out Beatles fantasies or get in touch with our often forgotten childhood creativity.

Featured Image: Living Big in a Tiny House

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