X-MEN ’97’s Open Credits Get the LEGO Treatment

There are lots of ways to tell when a show has made its way to the forefront of pop culture. Sometimes it’s as simple as bonkers ratings and robust social media attention. You can also get a good idea how much people care by how many theories and explainers sites like ours write. Even an influx of popular memes and jokes can indicate a project has thoroughly made its way into the cultural consciousness. But there’s one specific sign something is truly connecting with audiences that is especially fun. It comes in little plastic brick form. We know viewers can’t get enough of a series when it gets a LEGO recreation. And that’s exactly what Disney+’s X-Men ’97 just got for its opening credits.

YouTuber LegoBricks Studio has turned Marvel’s mutants into a delightful LEGO short. Over three weeks the channel used Mecabricks to re-create the opening credits for the MCU’s X-Men: The Animated Series reboot. It recently launched to widespread acclaim. That’s true of both the show and its fantastic opening sequence. Accompanied by the original series’ iconic theme song, this intro shows Charles Xavier’s most important X-Men character by character before they run into battle against Magneto and his forces.

You can really appreciate how good this LEGO version is by seeing how it stacks up to the actual intro.

Not every LEGO re-creation is (re)created equally, though. Some are truly just full on shot-for-shot LEGO versions. But this X-Men ’97 takes it a step further by full embracing its LEGO-ness. You can see that when Beast goes from docile doctor to fierce warrior by spinning his LEGO head. He goes from smiling to growling just like an actual LEGO mini-figure. And rather than just a regular light emanating from Professor X’s head, it’s an illuminated LEGO piece.

A LEGO Professor X with a beam of light coming from his forehead
LegoBricks Studio


And also the latest sign just how much people love this show.

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