Yes, Morph Was Confessing True Love for Wolverine in the X-MEN ’97 Finale

Spoiler Alert

The season finale of X-Men ’97 had one emotional moment after another, leaving fans with several huge cliffhangers. Yet the scene on everyone’s mind is the seminal moment from X-Men #25, where Magneto pulls the adamantium out of Wolverine’s body. In “Tolerance is Extinction Part III,” Logan clings to life after that attack. He lies on a makeshift hospital bed, with his best buddy Morph by his side. The most heartfelt moment came when Morph takes Jean’s form, and confesses their love for Logan. And that wasn’t just Morph taking Jean’s form to keep him fighting for his life. This was Morph truly confessing their feelings for Wolverine.

In case there was any ambiguity about what Morph meant with that scene, former X-Men ’97 showrunner Beau DeMayo confirmed on social media (via Comic Book Resources) that Morph transforming into Jean Grey and telling Logan they loved him was a true confession of their feelings for the iconic X-Man. DeMayo said “Yes, Morph was confessing romantic feelings for Logan. He later posted “You know when you’re secretly in love with a close friend, and you’re terrified to tell them? Wouldn’t it be nice to turn into someone you know THEY love, say the words to just finally say them and have them feel it, even if you haven’t fully accepted you feel them?”

Morph watches over a dying Wolverine in the season finale of X-Men '97.
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Every queer person who ever had a crush on their straight friend in high school absolutely relates to this moment. We’ve all been there. In case there was any confusion, DeMayo explained further on social media, saying “Yep. Morph was giving the object of their desire the comfort of hearing those words from the woman he loves because Morph is in love with him.” Will Wolverine remember what Morph said when he eventually wakes up? We’ll have to wait for X-Men ’97 season two to see how this soap opera continues to unfold.

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