Wyrmwood Magnetic Game Master Screen Brings Class to the Table

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Staying organized as a game master can be tough, and there aren’t a lot of game master screens out there made to not only keep your plans hidden from the other players while also keeping you organized. And there most certainly aren’t a lot of GM screens out there that can do all that while also looking beautifully crafted.

Wyrmwood Gaming has started a Kickstarter (that’s already well exceeded it’s goal of $10,000) to bring GM screens to revolutionize the way game masters play. Whether you’re running your game behind a binder, Stranger Things-style, or you’ve got a screen you’re already pretty proud of, you’re definitely going get some serious screen envy from this masterpiece from Wyrmwood. Just look at these gorgeous screens:

Unlike most GM screens, Wyrmwood’s screens are wholly customizable. The screen is a series of magnetic wooden panels that snap together. So you get to choose exactly how you make up your screen, the wood finish you like best, and you get to pick what screen components you purchase. You can add a panel to your screen with acrylic sheets that allow you to load, protect, and use dry erase markers to set up anything from rules, artwork, maps, or any other important documents, and the panel rotates to allow you to reveal information to your players just when you’re ready. So no more awkwardly shuffling papers and maps around, trying to dodge snacks and beverages!

If you really want to up your game, there are additional add-ons of a tower that allows you to make public and private rolls, a mountable initiative tracker that lets you put the turn order in a place that is easy to manipulate and easy for the whole table to see, and a chest of holding to allow you to store your dice, miniatures, or any other small items you need to store and organize. All of those extras can be easily connected to your main screen to create a seamless, organized, and beautiful space for you to run the perfect game.

They have funded the project past its second stretch goal, unlocking both the roll tower and the initiative tracker. If they get past $200,000, they will also unlock the chest of holding. So if you haven’t gotten yourself one of these just yet, it’s time to get on it!

What do you think of the Wyrmwood screen? Have you ordered one? Tell us your thoughts about it in the comments!

Image credits: Wyrmwood Gaming/ Kickstarter

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