YouTubers Spend 24 Hours in the World’s Largest Gas Station

If you’ve ever been to the American South, then you’re probably heard of Buc-ee’s. The massive gas station chain is a bit of an institution, and once you go inside of one, you’re never really the same again. Buc-ee’s is more than a gas station; it’s an experience. The stores are gigantic, and have some of the most delicious and bizarre food products you’ve ever seen. You can also purchase all sorts of Buc-ee’s merchandise, some of which rotates seasonally. Bucky the Beaver, the Buc-ee’s mascot, dons most of said merch.

I’m always excited to introduce people to Buc-ee’s because it really is that much of a game-changer. All other gas stations and rest stops pale in comparison. That’s why I’m a little jealous of YouTubers Kara and Nate, who recently spent 24 full hours in a Buc-ee’s in New Braunfels, Texas. And not just any Buc-ee’s, but the largest Buc-ee’s there is, which also happens to be the largest gas station in the world. Check out their adventures below.

As Kara relays, the New Braunfels store has 120 gas pumps and is 67,000 square feet. There are also over 1,000 parking places and 64 ice coolers on the premies. But that’s not all Buc-ee’s has to offer. As the couple soon discovers, the gas station mecca also has delicious food. They try out an enormous, decadent brisket sandwich and the famous beaver chips. They also sample Buc-ee’s-branded fudge, beef jerky, and more snacks.

But everyone who’s ever been to a Buc-ee’s knows you can’t leave without trying their most iconic food staple: beaver nuggets! Kara and Nate make sure to try them out. Nate compares them to a “mix between kettle corn and Captain Crunch.” That sounds about right, but doesn’t totally sell you on the magic of beaver nuggets. They are an experience unto themselves.

YouTuber Kara from the travel vlog channel Kara and Nate holds up a Bucky the beaver costume at a Buc-ee's in Texas, the largest gas station in the world.Kara and Nate on YouTube

Kara and Nate, who are travel vloggers, are currently touring the States in their converted Sprinter van. I’m so glad they decided to make a 24-hour pit stop at one of my personal favorite American institutions. Make sure to check out their video above to see all that Buc-ee’s, the world’s best gas station, has to offer.

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