The World’s Largest Air Horn Is So Very Loud

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober personifies the old adage “go big or go home.” He made the world’s largest Super Soaker, covered a trampoline with 1,500 water balloons, and filled a pool up with 25 million Orbeez water balls. However, we’re sure his latest over-sized project is going to make even more noise with his fans… literally—he built the world’s largest air horn. And when he’s done using it to teach us some great science lessons, we want to try using it to summon Zeus.Rober’s latest video at his outstanding YouTube channel combines everything we love about his absurd, totally insane builds. Obviously the world did not need a horn so humongous it can only be used in a desolate area, but it’s clearly a better place for having it. Rober also uses this red behemoth as the perfect excuse to give us all some fantastic, easy-to-understand science lessons (cleverly utilizing a Jell-O mold) that covers why horns are shaped the way they are, how sound waves move, and how sound can be used to break glass. What? You didn’t really think he’d build the world’s largest horn and not break some glass with it, did you?

On top of every other great thing going on here, that is easily the coolest real-world display of the speed of sound we have ever seen.Now we just need him to turn it upright, aim it towards Mount Olympus, and see if we can get a response.What would be the best possible use for the world’s largest air horn? Air your most fun idea in our comments section below.

Featured Image: Mark Rober

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