World Record-Breaking Drone Swarm From China Puts on Magical Show

OK, yes, we’ve seen roughly ten trillion drone swarm light shows over the past few years, but despite that fact, this latest world recording-breaking swarm display out of China is still pretty magical. It turns out watching over 1,300 drones ascend into the night sky, like so many bioluminescent jellyfish, stirs something primal in one’s soul.

The magnificent drone display, which comes via BoingBoing, was put on by Ehang, a Chinese unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturer that makes camera-equipped drones for public consumption.

The company flew exactly 1,374 drones to achieve the Guinness World Record title for most UAVs ever flown simultaneously, beating out Intel’s record of 1,218 UAVs flown simultaneously at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics. Although, to be fair, Intel’s winter show was way cooler…. Literally! No but seriously, watch it below and you be the judge.

Unfortunately, as Digital Trends points out, Ehang’s display was not without its foibles — shown in the clip below. You can see there were at least a few points in the middle of the spectacular light show where large segments of certain symbols or numbers were missing, and other points at which drones flew out of sync. But overall that’s no big deal, right? It’s not like the company is planning on making UAV passenger drones that’ll carry people and look about as stable as Colin Furze’s hoverbike?!

What do you think about this astounding drone light show? Do the minor errors in the swarm’s accuracy frighten you considering the company plans to make these for humans, or are you just plain dazzled right now? Let us know in the comments!

Images: YouTube / EHANG

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