Piano Made With German Sausages Actually Works

“Don’t play with your food!” Sorry parents (and chefs) around the world. But that old adage doesn’t always hold up. There are times when you should definitely play with your food. Especially when you can turn your delicious dinner into a working piano. That’s what one creative engineer in Germany did. He built a bizarre, but fully functional, keyboard out of some wires, a computer, and a bunch of sausages.

And while it certainly looks strange, “Das Bockwurstklavier” sounds delicious.

This clever device that makes meat into music comes from the YouTube channel patricks world. It was posted in 2019, but the internet only recently dug into the tasty weirdness it has to offer (we first came across it at Boing Boing). Rather than using actual piano or keyboard keys, it relies on a series of Bockwurst sausages. The German specialty is not full of ivory or plastic. Traditionally eaten during the spring Bock Beer season, it is a “ very delicate pork and veal link that contains parsley and egg.”

But with wires and other components those links become a tool for an ingenuous/strange musician. By pressing on the sausages the same as any normal piano key, they each produce different sounds. Of course, this piano has a short shelf life. Bockwurst is “very perishable.” Also, unlike a standard keyboard, it’s always at risk of being cooked if a musician gets hungry.

And have you ever seen a hungry musician before?

This Working Piano is Made With German Sausages_1patricks world

We know exactly what song we would play on this.

Now are we saying this meaty musical machine should become the official instrument of Oktoberfest? Not exactly. But it sure wouldn’t be out of place at the annual event. And it would make for one delicious performance. Literally.

That’s why kids (and kids at heart) should remember one very important lesson: sometimes it’s really okay to play with your food.

Featured Image: patricks world

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