An Electric Guitar Made From 2,000 Colored Pencils Is a Work of Art

As children, it feels like colored pencils were always a part of our daily lives. But as adults, unless you’re an artist, when was the last time you held one in your hands? Well, we found one adult who found a use for a whole lot of colored pencils, when he used a ton of them to create a working musical instrument. YouTuber Burls Art took 2,000 colored pencils and turned them into a neck-through electric guitar. On his channel, he went step by step through the entire process of its creation. You can watch the full video right here:

This isn’t the first time this artist has created a colored pencil guitar. His first one was nearly three years ago. But after creating many more cool custom guitars since then, including ones made out of trash from the ocean, he thought he’d give it another go. If only to see if he could do anything new with the idea. Unlike his previous colored pencil guitar, this time the neck portion was a part of the mold. (These kinds of electric guitars have the name “neck throughs” due to this feature). In the end, the final result speaks for itself.

YouTuber Burls Art plays his colored pencil guitar.
Burls Art

We’re not entirely sure how long it took to create this guitar, but the video shows it was a painstaking process. Once finished with the guitar, its creator displayed his musical skills a little, playing “ You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story. A perfect song for something that recalls childhood joy as much as colored pencils do. The Burls Art channel has several other amazing custom guitar builds, including one out of LEGO. Other videos include guitars created from paper, carbon fiber cloth, coffee beans, and even salt. To see more of these amazing creations, head on over to the Burls Art YouTube channel.

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