A Wordle Board Game Is Coming This Fall

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The online word game Wordle took the world by storm. It seemed like for a few months there, you couldn’t log on to any social media account without seeing those green and yellow blocks everywhere. Wordle had just about everyone under its spell. Although Wordle fever has died down somewhat, it’s still extremely popular. So popular that we’re getting a Wordle board game.

We learned via Polygon that Hasbro Gaming and The New York Times have announced that Wordle is getting a physical board game edition. Wordle: The Party Game will be available to purchase in North America starting this fall. It’s already available to pre-order via the game’s  official website. You can watch a fun Wordle: The Party Game teaser below:

According to the official description, Wordle: The Party Game allows for two to four players to compete against each other to solve word puzzles. During each round, a player is designated as the “Wordle Host.” They must then write down a secret word that the rest of the players have to try and guess. Similar to the original, players will only have six tries to figure out what the word is. The fewer tries someone needs to guess the word correctly, the less points they score. Whichever player has the fewest points by the time the game ends is the winner.

The Wordle board game from Hasbro.
Hasbro Gaming

Wordle: The Party Game will set you back a mere $19.99. Included in the board game box are three Wordle boards, three shields, and a Secret Word board. It also comes with three dry-erase markers, 45 green tiles, 45 yellow tiles, and the game guide. Wordle fans can pre-order from the Hasbro Pulse site, Target, or Amazon. The estimated shipping date is October 1 of this year. Just in time to make this someone’s gift for the holidays. Or even a gift for yourself.

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