Woody Harrelson Seemingly Confirms Who He’s Playing in STAR WARS Standalone

Keeping secrets in a galaxy far, far away isn’t always easy. Remember when Mads Mikkelsen signed a fan poster in September 2015 and listed his character’s name as Galen? He then later revealed the tidbit about Galen being Jyn’s father in a news segment. Oops. Woody Harrelson is finding himself in the same being asked questions about his metaphorical  Star Wars shoes since Lucasfilm confirmed his role in the untitled Han Solo standalone film. And it seems like he just told us which character he’s playing.Neither Lucasfilm or Disney have offered specifics on Harrelson’s role, but when the report of Harrelson’s involvement started, it was said he would be a mentor to Han. While promoting his new film Wilson, Harrelson joined Mashable in a Facebook Live Q&A and confirmed his character’s teacher student type relationship with Han; he said, “I’m a mentor to Han, but I’m also a bit of a criminal.”While talking with Variety about Wilson at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday, he went a step further and seemed to confirm his character’s identity. CinemaBlend picked up on the confirmation, pointing out that Harrelson answers in the affirmative to a question about whether he’s playing Garris Shrike. Watch and listen:

The question specifically mentions Garris Shrike, and Harrelson asks for the name to be repeated before he considers it and eventually says, “Yeah, I am.” There’s a chance Harrelson was just reconfirming his role as a mentor in the film. We’ve reached out to Lucasfilm for comment but haven’t heard back as of time of publishing.And hey, Garris Shrike is an existing character that fits the description Harrelson gave Mashable. Shrike first appeared in the Legends title The Paradise Snare by A.C. Crispin in 1997. I theorized the character was one of the options for who Harrelson would be playing. Shrike’s a bounty hunter who picked up orphans and used them for profit by forcing them to pick pockets or be beggars. Shrike found a young Han on the streets on Corellia, used him, raised him, and also taught him. The Shrike from the books is most definitely a criminal. They could soften and alter the character or leave him as is to give Han an extra screwed-up past.Do you think Harrelson confirmed he’s playing Shrike? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, and if you’re familiar with the character, tell me how you hope they write him for the screen.

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What else might we know about the Han Solo movie?

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