WONDER WOMAN Faces Down Ares in “The Just War” Finale (EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW)

Wonder Woman has long been one of the strongest heroes in DC’s pantheon. But in her newest arc by G. Willow Wilson, Xermanico, Romulo Fajardo Jr., and Pat Brosseau, she has been tested to her limits as she’s had to battle one of the most powerful and vicious deities ever to exist: Ares the God of War. The five-issue story “The Just War” comes to a close in the upcoming Wonder Woman #62, and we have an exclusive look at the climactic showdown between the two omnipotent figures. The pages showcase the level of scope and action that the creative team has managed to build in their short time on the flagship series. For fans of the Themysciran goddess, there’s plenty of great Wonder Woman moments as their ongoing battle comes to a head. The issue continues the political thread that has run through the new series and made Willow and company’s story stand out from its recent predecessors. Ares has long been one of Diana’s most fearsome foes, and this excerpt shows why—the two square off and the fight seems to be going in the God of War’s favor! You’ll have to wait until Wednesday, January 16, to find out exactly how the story concludes but we’re sure it’s going to be just as riveting as the rest of “The Just War.” We definitely can’t wait to see how Diana bests her nemesis and once again comes out on top but we’re sure that Willow and co. have something exciting in store.

Images:  DC Comics, Cover art by Terry and Rachel Dodson

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